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Nicole Baker

Meet Nicole Baker

Meet Nicole Baker, the heart and soul behind Crumbs Cookie Company. A devoted mom and former RN, Nicole's journey from a local food allergy mom to a passionate entrepreneur has fueled the creation of our delectable treats.

Driven by a vision of inclusivity, Nicole ensures that every treat at Crumbs Cookie Company is not just a delightful experience but also a safe one. Her dedication extends beyond the kitchen, championing the cause of allergy awareness and making flavorful, allergen-free indulgence accessible to everyone.

Unveiling Allergy-Friendly Bliss: Where Every Bite is a Sweet Celebration, Free from Compromise!

Savoring joy, free from allergens. Because everyone deserves a sweet celebration without compromise.

Nicole Baker

Nicole's Inspiring Story

Crumbs Cookie Company was born out of Nicole's unwavering commitment to providing a delicious and safe cookie for her son, Joshua, who faces severe food allergies. Each product is a testament to the love and care Nicole pours into her creations, as they are crafted with Joshua in mind. As the driving force behind the mission, Nicole takes a hands-on management approach, ensuring that every item is meticulously hand-crafted in small batches.

Our treats are not just plant-based but also free from dairy, eggs, and nuts, because Nicole believes that everyone deserves to enjoy a delightful cookie or a beautiful birthday cake, irrespective of dietary restrictions.

More than a bakery, Crumbs Cookie Company is built on values of inclusion and giving back to the community. Nicole prioritizes promoting food allergy awareness, turning her personal journey into a mission that extends far beyond the kitchen. Join us in savoring the goodness that comes from a place of love, dedication, and a desire to make every treat a joyous experience for all.

Nicole Baker With Her Son
Image by Mae Mu

~ Crumbs Cookie Company ~

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Satisfy your sweet tooth with Crumbs Cookie Company's delectable treats! Every bite is a celebration of flavor and inclusivity.

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