Crumbs Cookie Company, LLC

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I’m Nikki, a food allergy mom on a mission to share my scrumptious allergy-friendly  products with the masses. Crumbs Cookie Company, LLC was inspired by my desire to create a yummy and safe cookie for my son, Joshua who has severe food allergies. So, when I say my products are “made with love” I mean it, because each and every product is made with him in mind.

As a southern cook I know how important flavor is, and as an allergy mom I understand the value of having a convenient, allergy-friendly product on hand to be able to whip up a quick treat in a pinch.  That's why I've created my delicious and allergy-friendly cookie mixes.  All you have to do is add the vegan butter and non-dairy milk!  I've already added the love! 

They are always allergy-friendly, dairy-free, egg-free, and of course delicious!  I hope you enjoy eating them as much as I enjoy creating them.

       xoxo, Nikki

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